DES meets with youth to talk curfew, being alert in public

FORT IRWIN, Calif. — The Fort Irwin Directorate of Emergency Services (DES), collaborated with the School Liaison/Youth Center staff and facilitated a Crime Prevention and Traffic Safety presentation at the Youth Center on March 6.

During the presentation, DES reviewed curfew and quiet hour policies, explained the importance of securing personal items, and discussed how to properly identify and report suspicious activity to a crowd of about 50 youth. Sgt. Gabrielle Rodriguez, Pfc. Brenden Birley and Pvt. Kyle Hunsaker with the Military Police (MP) patrols, gave a class on traffic safety and actions to be taken during routine traffic stops.  They discussed several traffic stop scenarios, which varied in driver compliance with the officer. They highlighted behaviors that should be avoided for the safety of the driver, passengers, and officer.  Lastly, they explained the purpose of their Law Enforcement equipment, use of force, and discussed what training and education is required for anyone interested in becoming a Law Enforcement professional.

Regarding the topics covered, tenth grade student Charles Crawford said, “It taught me things I did not already know, like to stay in your car when you get pulled over.  I enjoyed all the demonstrations, and it made me more comfortable to speak with and be around Military Police.  It was an honor to meet them all.”

Following the presentation, with the assistance of Tom Boggs (Crime Prevention Specialist), Mrs. Angie Boggs (Police Volunteer), and the team answered questions from the crowd.

Regarding the event, Rodriguez stated, “It was great to see kids excited to learn about what we do every day as Military Police officers.  I am hoping that they were able to take something from what we went over to be able to share with their friends and family.”

This presentation is the first of a series of planned community-oriented engagements in 2019, designed to increase awareness, and strengthen the bond between the Fort Irwin Community, and its residents.

School liaison Pamela Murray said, “This event was an excellent opportunity for the Youth to receive first-hand information from the Military Police.  The youth were very attentive and asked many questions.  This was a positive event that helped to satisfy some of the questions the youth had about Law Enforcement officers.”

DES leadership and the school liaison team look forward to coordinating similar events in the future. The school liaison team consists of Anna Anaya, Murray and Patricia Gray.

The DES and Military Police Team

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