High Desert Happenings: A day of relaxation at Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa Resort

CORONA, Calif. — I recently got the chance to cash in on a Valentine’s Day gift my husband gave me and I couldn’t keep this experience to myself.

The Glen Ivy Hot Springs Retreat is about two hours from Fort Irwin in Corona, Calif. It’s the perfect spot for a quick day-trip getaway. I saw families there, girl groups, couples and there were also those like me who came solo for a little R&R.

The location has 19 pools, equipped with mineral waters for healing baths, relaxing your muscles and detoxifying your body. They also have a mud pool, saunas, fitness classes, massages, facials, nail care services and so much more. I was fortunate enough to receive an hour-long hot stone massage, 50-minute classic, nourishing and exfoliating facial, and a therapeutic pedicure. The grotto treatment was under renovation when I visited, so I did not get to take part in that, which is a skin softening technique where warm aloe vera, coconut oil, eucalyptus, shea butter and lavender are painted on your body from neck to toe. You then warm your body in a gently-heated cavern, allowing the formula to soak into your skin.

All of the pools are warm, except one that is set at a very low temperature for cryotherapy purposes. One of the most popular spots was the saline pool that representatives suggest visitors indulge in, following their massages. It is 104 degrees and has the therapeutic benefits of Epsom salt to relax the nervous system, alleviate many skin problems, soothe back pain and muscle strains, treat colds and congestion and draw toxins from the body. The natural mineral compound can also reduce inflammation, aid in muscle and nerve function, prevent artery hardening, ease migraines and help eliminate toxins.

When you pack your bag, take an extra bathing suit if you plan on taking a dive in the mud pool and make sure the bathing suit is dark. The mud is great for your skin and felt much differently than I imagined, as I soaked in it and allowed it to dry.

The first quarter of the year may be one of the best times to enjoy this spa resort, as employees say summers are extremely busy and guests usually have to book more than a month out, as well as rent a private cabana in order to guarantee a seat at any of the many pools. The advantage of the summer may be obvious, though—Dancing, DJs, live music, entertainment and a new, secluded secret garden will debut this summer of 2019.

Of course, I have to talk about the food—I had no idea what I was getting myself into. There are four venues for food and the options range from vegan to your All-American meals and, overall, the dining experience was very memorable. They promote a fresh, clean, farm-to-table menu, so everything from the fruit for juices, to avocados are organic, locally-grown and even harvested from trees growing on their property. I had an extreme nacho meal, and although it was an order of a “small,” it was stacked up and loaded into a huge bowl. The bowl included nacho chips, jalapenos, cilantro, queso, yogurt, black beans, pinto beans, green salsa, chicken, guacamole and I know I’m forgetting something. I barely finished half of it but it was delicious. Their drinks range from coffee to cocktails, mimosas to smoothies.

This was truly a full, wellness experience. When I lived in San Diego, I always heard about this place and wanted to go but never had the chance (nor had the money to fund all I wanted to do).

It’s the perfect Mother’s or Father’s Day gift, birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, “Anytime/Just because” gift.

Glen Ivy has the beautiful backdrop of a tropical, lush landscaping that screams southern California.

I just had to share this rare oasis of a jewel– It was a much-needed escape.

Visit glenivy.com if you’d like to explore prices and plan your Glen Ivy experience. You won’t be disappointed.

The spa resort’s food is organic and most is grown right on their own property. This was a “small” sized, extreme nacho meal.

Public Affairs Specialist, Janell J. Lewis Ford provides “things to do around town” and recommends a Glen Ivy Hot Springs getaway.


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