Town Halls will address Housing Concerns on Post

FORT IRWIN, Calif. — Commanding Brig. Gen. Jeffery Broadwater, Garrison leaders and Housing representatives thank everyone who participated and continues to participate in the on-going discussion on housing concerns. Following the military’s renewed focus on housing, dozens of questions have been collected and have been evaluated at top levels.

Fort Irwin Military leaders have been addressing a recent, national report that looked into the living conditions of families in privatized military housing. Garrison Commander, Col. Seth Krummrich reminds everyone that the conversations do not end after the Town halls. There were five Town Halls focused on taking Soldiers’ and resident’s concerns and suggestions and providing useful information. Those included a Feb. 27 Housing Town Hall, three DAIG Sensing Sessions and a Landlords and Tenants Rights Workshop presented by the Legal Office. There will also be quarterly Town Halls to address Housing concerns indefinitely on post.

Garrison leaders and Housing have provided extended responses during the live Town Halls and weekly Facebook Round-up sessions. The answers to more than 100 questions have also been posted to social media and sent to those individuals who asked questions via our “Fort Irwin” Facebook page. All frequently-asked questions, including those about BAH, move-out fees, etc. were answered.

Here are other tools Soldiers and residents have:

1. Call in work orders, as usual. Housing took in work orders in person at the Feb. 27th Town Hall (760.386.2460)

2. Call the 24-hour emergency hotline for urgent/major concerns at (760) 386-2460 (please only call the hotline if you have already called Housing’s general work order number first and have not received a timely response at 380-386-2460.)

3. You can continue to ask questions on the Garrison weekly, live Facebook Round-up each Wednesday at 2:30p.m. from the official “Fort Irwin” page

4. Continue to file ICE complaints

5. Participate in the personal housing visits that have already began to address concerns

6. Schedule face-to-face meetings with Housing. Supervisors and managers are happy to meet with residents in person to clarify or answer questions.

Residents also had the opportunity to take part in three DAIG Sensing Sessions (March 4 and 5); the Landlord sand Tenants Rights meeting on March 7, and the command general’s April 1 Town Hall that focused on the upcoming PCS season, including housing issues.

Here are links to view the live Feb. 27 Town and answers to 100+ questions asked about Housing. They are all on the official “Fort Irwin” Facebook page (

1. Link to the 27 Feb. Housing Town Hall: 

2. Link to 60+ Q&A’s from the 27 Feb. Housing Town Hall:

3. Link to 30+ pre-submitted questions answered live, during the Housing Town Hall:

4. Link for Soldiers/residents to post Housing questions post-Housing Town Hall:

5. Link to the post notifying Soldiers/residents of visits/inspections:

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