Army G-4 offers tips to prepare for the peak moving season

WASHINGTON ­— Up to 60,000 household goods shipments for Soldiers, civilians and family members are expected to be moved this summer, and U.S. Army Logistics, HQDA G-4, is providing some tips to help make your move less stressful.

Move planning and execution

Peak season for Permanent Change of Station begins May 15 and runs through Aug 31, with the busiest weeks being May 15 through July 4.

Soldiers, civilians and Families should avoid moving around the holidays and during the last week of May and June, if possible. Avoiding this timeframe will help prevent late pick-ups and changes to deliveries.

Advanced planning and preparation is key to a successful move. Upon receipt of orders, Soldiers should immediately create an account or login into Defense Personal Property System, via; upload orders and complete all shipment applications for the move.

The next step is to contact or visit the transportation office to ensure all preparatory steps were successful. By getting to the transportation office quickly, customers will have a better chance of scheduling the move convenient for them. Scheduling movers is done on a first come, first serve basis and during the peak season, there may be limited availability of packing and shipping dates.

After logging in or creating an account, service members can view customer satisfaction scores for moving companies.

On the day of the move, Soldiers, civilians and Families should do the following:

• Refrain from scheduling other activities during moving days, as the packing and moving process can take the entire day. Make it your priority.

• Monitor how packers and movers are performing. If you have a question, call the transportation office. The Army is working to improve the HHG movement process by increasing the number of quality assurance inspections.

• Save the contact information for the moving company and quality assurance inspectors.

• Obtain a copy of the inventory and make sure to identify and annotate high-value items.

• A 24/7 U.S. Transportation Command toll free hotline will be operational and published in May for Soldier and Family HHG problem resolution.

Additional information and detailed tips can be found in “It’s Your Move” located at

Storage of HHG

After a Soldier’s shipment arrives at destination they are authorized short term storage for 90 days. Short term storage provides enough time to secure a new home. If necessary, a Soldier can request an additional 90 days through the transportation office.

Long-term storage is authorized for overseas tours, retirement or separations, and training courses that are longer than 20 weeks. In some cases single Soldiers and dual military couples can use long-term storage during a deployment.

Move entitlements

If conducting a first PCS move, moving to or from a foreign country, or making a final retirement or separation move, Soldiers must schedule a counseling appointment with the transportation office to review entitlements.

The moving process begins with orders, which identifies a Soldier’s entitlements based on their rank, dependent status, basic information on their tour, and restrictions on what can be brought to the next duty station.

Rank, dependent status, and sometimes location determine a Soldier’s weight allowance. Soldiers are responsible for staying within that weight allowance. If the shipment weight is close to their weight allowance, the Soldier, can request a reweigh at destination with the transportation office.

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