Fire Station hosts field trip for Fort Irwin’s Home schooling community

FORT IRWIN, Calif.  — When people speak about kids that homeschool, the first thing that’s questioned is the amount of socialization a child may miss out on by not being in a traditional school. Fort Irwin’s Homeschool community is one of the best examples that socialization is nothing to worry about. Homeschool parents here at Fort Irwin give their kids the chance to not only to come together for activities, but also for field trips.

The latest venture was out to the Fort Irwin Fire Station #1 on April 2, with coordination of Katie Coghil and the Chief. The kids were given a brief tour, shown the inside of all of the compartments of the fire truck, were told about the differences between the vehicles, and were given the chance to spray water from a fire hose.

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