NTC/Fort Irwin soldier wins big on The Price is Right

Bondhus getting help from the cast of the CBS show, Seal Team during her Price is Right game

LOS ANGELES/FORT IRWIN, Calif. — One Fort Irwin soldier just got to check one thing off her bucket list—being a contestant, and winner, on the popular game show, The Price is Right.

Spc. Hayley Bondhus, with HHC in 1916th, said she heard about the opportunity to go on the game show from a social media post on Facebook. CBS was specifically requesting military service members come join their audience. She was hesitant at first but the day after seeing that post, Bondhus’s sergeant asked her if she wanted to go on the show.

“Maybe this is a coincidence, maybe God’s telling me I should go,” Bondhus said.

So she headed down to Los Angeles for her chance to try to get on the show. The three-hour wait at CBS Studios consisted of an interview portion with producers to gauge each person’s energy and personality.

“I’m pretty sure that’s why I was called down—because I was the most happy, bubbliest, outgoing person in the interview,” Bondhus said.

The producers asked basic questions like where guests were from, what their job was in the military and their hobbies.

Once everyone entered The Price is Right seating area, she was given prime seating in the center of the audience. Then her moment came—the words everyone wants to hear. Her name was called to be a contestant on the show.

“I felt like I knew I was going to go up, because everybody was insisting and saying ‘oh, you’re going to go up, you were the most bubbliest person.’”

Even though she thought she knew, she still wasn’t fully prepared or ready when she heard her name.

“I still freaked out and I’m pretty sure I might have pushed an old lady down, just pushed her out of the way,” Bondhus said. “I felt so bad but I blanked out because of how exciting it was.”

The first item she bid on was a Yamaha four-wheeler ATV and she believes she bid about $1,250 on it. She was the closest bidder and was called on the stage for a chance to win more prizes.

She then got a chance to win a Samsung washer and dryer, a 65-inch Sony TV, three Gucci purses and the ATV she initially bid on that got her on stage.

The game she had to play to win these prizes was guessing the wrong price listed for each of those items. The washer and dryer was listed as $900 and she guessed that as the wrong pricing to win…but not without some help. Cast members from the CBS show, Seal Team were a part of this “Military-themed,” The Price is Right episode and they were on stage to help Bondhus make the right choice. She followed their advice and won.