Local COVID-19 Timeline


March 4th: First mention of novel coronavirus information for the community on weekly Garrison Facebook Round-up.

Tuesday, March 10: MEDDAC conducts its first Coronavirus live update

Thursday, March 12: Gov. calls for large gatherings to cease of 250+ in the state; Disneyland and Universal Studios close; Legoland and other parks close within next, few days, as well as casinos, etc.

Friday, March 13: After the standard work day ended for workers on the west coast, schools closed, DOD Travel ban was enforced, etc.

Sunday, March 15: Gov. Newsom closes bars, clubs, etc. and puts limits on restaurants, saying gatherings of 50 or more should be avoided; 1st case of the virus in San Bernardino County

Monday, March 16: 2nd case confirmed in SB County

– Tuesday, March 17: San Francisco residents ordered to Shelter in Place (7 million); 3rd case confirmed in San Bernardino County; statewide closure of all Nevada casinos; San Bernardino County orders cancellation of gatherings of any size; All 50 states now have COVID-19 cases, following West Virginia announcing its first case

Wednesday, March 18: 2020 Annual Armed Forces Day Parade in Torrance officially canceled; National Guard called in to help with California hospitals.

Thursday, March 19: Gov. Newsom issued Stay at Home Order

Friday, March 20: U.S. Education Secretary announced high school seniors won’t need to take the SAT/ACT; Sec. also announced borrowers could suspend payments for 2 months on federal student loans; California cases double in 3 days, to over 1,000; 14K and 200 deaths at 10AM in the U.S.; Tax Day was pushed back to July 15th by Treasury Secretary; SB County hits 9 cases, gains 4 new ones

Saturday, March 21: U.S. hit 300 deaths and 20K cases

Sunday, March 22: LA closed all beaches, city parks and trails; Worldwide totals hit 300,000 (13K deaths); Trump activates Guard in California, New York and Washington state; Barstow announced its first case; SB County hit 17 cases; Fort Irwin closed gyms/Warrior Zone/Pool

Monday, March 23: CG’s 4th Facebook Live Update

Tuesday, March 24: U.S. hits and passes 50K cases; first Coronavirus-related death of someone 18 and under in the country and it was in LA County

Wednesday, March 25: U.S. Army orders all installations to be raised to HPCON Level C (Charlie)

Thursday, March 26: U.S. becomes nation with highest number of Coronavirus cases in the world, with 82,474, passing China

Friday, March 27: Congress passes $2 Trillion Coronavirus stimulus relief bill; U.S. now has 90,000 cases and 1,428 deaths; California has more than 4,000

Monday, March 30: America hits 180,000 total cases and 3,000 deaths, surpassing the number of fallen in the September 11th, 2001 attacks.