WACH COVID-19 Implementation initiatives and interventions

Weed Army Community Hospital (WACH) has implemented the following initiatives in support of limiting the spread of COVID-19. WACH has established a 24 hours Nurse Staffed Hotline to answer questions and concerns related to COVID-19. All personnel entering WACH, Javier Villaneuva Troop Medical Clinic (JVTMC), Mary Walker, Embedded Behavioral Health and Shuttleworth Dental Clinic are screened in accordance with CDC recommended guidelines and have their temperature taken at all designed entry points. Social distancing is adhered throughout the hospital. WACH has maintained transparency with the FICA community through its organizational Facebook, internal and external web portals, post marquees and weekly radio updates with the Garrison and NTC Command Teams. We continuously monitor inventory of Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE) such as (gloves, mask, and gowns etc.)

WACH has stood-up a COVID-19 Quick Response Force (QRF) Team. Prevented Medicine Team has been phenomenal with ensuring that we follow CDC guidelines as we face this COVOID-19 pandemic.

If you suspect that you have been exposed to someone known to have COVID-19 or have recently traveled out of country call 760-383-5304 to speak with a healthcare professional for further guidance.