Halloween 2020 at NTC/Fort Irwin

This year Halloween at the National Training Center and Fort Irwin consisted of three Trunk or Treats and a drive-in movie, all on one night. But Halloween wasn’t celebrated on Oct. 31, Fort Irwin families enjoyed events on Oct. 29.

Trick-or-treaters began their night at a Trunk or Treat in the PX parking lot, followed by another one in Army Field, hosted by the Family and MWR. The trio of Trunk or Treats was rounded out by the USO’s candy giveaway at the Tiefort Hotel Parking lot.

A map was provided to help guide families and youth, and physical distancing and masking measures were in place.

A drive-in movie of Maleficent followed the festivities at Army Field.

The Family and MWR did host and event at the Outdoor Recreation Complex on the actual Halloween night. The Zombie Paintball Hunt went from 6-11:30 p.m., and cost $10 per player.

NTC is unique because most fathers and/or mothers had to be away from their children on Halloween night, due to monthly training rotations. To compensate, this military installation held events a few days early, on Oct. 29, so children could participate with their parents.

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