Kids Vote 2020 at Fort Irwin

FORT IRWIN, Calif. — While the world may have had its eyes focused on the presidential election on Nov. 3, the Fort Irwin community had another important matter at hand—the Kids Vote 2020.

Five-year-old Genevieve Southard and her parents hosted the event outside her home in the Villages Housing as a part of a kindergarten homeschool Social Studies project.

Children had the chance to vote on coyotes vs. donkeys (coyotes won), stars vs. stripes (stars prevailed), snow vs. sun (snow topped the sun), and watermelon vs. cherries (the victory went to watermelons).

There were even write-ins that included whales, mangos and the fall season.

“The write-in votes were probably my favorite part as a mom supervising G’s project,” Genevieve’s mom, Kat Southard, posted on Facebook.

“Genevieve had 54 voters! Such a great experience! Thank you to everyone that participated,” she added.

The post garnered more than 20 comments and 150 “likes” and reactions.

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