Drive-in comedy show brings laughs, honks to NTC


FORT IRWIN, Calif. — RJ Ryan and fellow comedians made people laugh, toot horns and blink lights at Fort Irwin’s Army Field during a Drive-in comedy show on Jan. 4.  The show was presented on stage, as well as broadcast on 107.9 radio for those close to the stadium, so residents of Fort Irwin could listen to it from the warmth of their car.

Ryan, along with four other comedians from Los Angeles­— Maxi Witrak, Seth Lawrence, Ray Easter, and Brian Matthews— took center stage at no cost to patrons.

Ryan, the host and also a resident of Fort Irwin, kicked off the show sharing his heartfelt gratitude for his community.

“I am very fortunate to be a part of two incredible tribes— the military and comedy,” he said. “Both are comprised of talented, funny, and brave people.”

Maxi Witrak, who refers to herself as an “open book,” took the stage next and emphasized her tomboyish nature. Expressing how it affected some of her former relationships with men, she said, “They get scared if I just hold a hammer.”

Up next Seth Lawrence, a former law student and attorney, spoke on God and family.  One of his lines was, “Heaven is where we can stay as a family forever together, but now with this pandemic, I realize I’m not ready for that yet.”

Then Ray Easter’s act touched on aspects of pop culture and his personal life.

“My current job is doing an excellent job of boosting my self-esteem,” he said. “I currently work at Dominos and the job title they gave me was ‘Delivery Expert.’ That feels great, because an expert was the last thing I felt going into that job interview.”

Lastly, Brian Matthews came out with a routine based on some of his experiences as a former teacher, his love life with his wife, and his ‘no child’ family.

Ryan was able to work with the Family and MWR and the Villages at Fort Irwin to piece this together for the love of his community.

“Fort Irwin is my home for now,” Ryan said. “I want the great people here to be entertained and walk away from their Fort Irwin experience with a smile and some great memories. We are lucky to have a Commanding General and a Garrison Commander that want to bring entertainment here. We have some great shows lining up so buckle up!”