A burro is born!

On Sept. 22, the first day of Fall, a precious foal was born here on Fort Irwin. The Public Affairs Office alongside Fort Irwin’s Environmental Division is accepting name recommendations to name her. Recommendations will be accepted until Oct. 1, and a name will be announced during the Oct. 6 Facebook Round Up.

Visit fb.com/FT to submit a name recommendation!

Burros on public lands and on Fort Irwin are wild animals and should not be approached or given food. Providing food and water to wildlife does more harm than good. Wild animals do not get the nutrients they need from human food and they lose their fear of people. In particular, injured and sick animals should be avoided. Battles between burros can be vicious and may result in broken legs and lacerations from sharp hooves. Approaching an injured burro creates unnecessary stress and may cause the animals to flee the area, delaying aid from a biologist or veterinarian.

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