Leading Others Around You

Have you ever wondered how you lead others around you? Whether you are a parent, a student, or in a professional leadership position, the way you lead will be different from how others lead. I read a brochure last Sunday from the main post chapel titled “How to Guide others.” The brochure describes the different ways a person leads. Some examples are guiding Soldiers, guiding church members, guiding children, and so forth. There are two concepts that caught my interest: one is integrity and establishing a relationship with the Greatest Leader, Jesus Christ. The concept of integrity is what I enjoyed reading most because it reminded me that it is one of the Army’s seven values. In addition to just recently being promoted to corporal, I was doubting myself on how I will lead others.

The brochure discussed that there is no cookie-cutter approach to leadership. Leaders grow from their life experiences and their backgrounds. With that said, if and when God places you in the care of others, it is best to treat them with honesty and genuinely care for them. The keyword here is “genuinely.” Leaders may say that they care for Soldiers but for it to be substantial — for this comment to be of any value — it must be coupled with integrity. The leader who says that they care for their Soldiers — and means it — is a very special person.
The second concept is establishing a relationship with The Greatest Leader of all time. Whether you know Jesus Christ or not, by faith you are personally related to him. Some books in the bible emphasized the magnitude of Jesus’ leadership. He was called “Master,” “Teacher,” and “Lord.” Having this relationship helps leaders understand the limits of their ability, enables them to admit mistakes, and recognize that they have a perfect leader in Jesus.

I was thinking that there are several ways to lead others whether or not you are in a leadership position. To me, being honest and caring for other’s best interest is what I would like to master. After reading this, if I doubt myself again, I will remember great leaders do not lead by themselves, I do not have to accomplish that on my own rather I will keep establishing a relationship with Jesus Christ.

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