EIB/ESB Week concludes with awards ceremony

The 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment concluded EIB/ESB Week Dec. 17, 2021, with an awards ceremony on Fritz Field, Fort Irwin, Calif.

The EIB/ESB test measures a Soldier’s physical fitness and ability to perform to standards of excellence in a broad spectrum of critical skills.

Twenty-eight Soldiers successfully completed the EIB/ESB testing week to standard. EIB candidates can be distinguished as “True Blue” for completing all tasks without a single “No-Go,” ESB candidates can be distinguished as “Perfect Edge” for the same accomplishment.

19 Soldiers earned their Expert Infantry Badge:

1st Lt. Ethan Blackie, E Troop, 2/11

1st Lt. Chad Christopher (True Blue), K Troop, 2/11

Sgt. Derek Courchaine, A Troop, 1/11

1st Lt. Kevin Dulay, B Troop, 1/11

Sgt. Christian Felipe-Olalde (True Blue), B Troop, 1/11

2nd Lt. Thomas Flynn-Becerra, B Troop, 1/11

Sgt. Cody Hires, E Troop, 2/11

1st Lt. Michael Humphrise, HHT, 2/11

Staff Sgt. Ahmad Johnson, F Troop, 2/11

Staff Sgt. Christian Loera, F Troop, 2/11

Sgt. Blake Martin (True Blue), F Troop, 2/11

1st Lt. Adam McDermott, F Troop, 2/11

Spec. Ryan Meure (True Blue), E Troop, 2/11

Spec. Terry Reed (True Blue), E Troop, 2/11

1st Lt. Benjamin Rogers (True Blue), K Troop, 2/11

Spec. Edward Toby, B Troop, 1/11

PFC Lukas Wolff, B Troop, 1/11

1st Lt. Logan Yates, E Troop, 2/11

Spec. Ariel Gonzalez, E Troop, 2/11

Nine Soldiers earned their Expert Soldier Badge:

Spec. Ryan Dumas, NTC

1st lt. Isabel Genco (Perfect Edge), 58th CEC, 1/11

1st Lt. Jason Greene, Maintenance Troop, RSS

2nd Lt. Benjamin Martell, D Co, 1/11

1st Lt. Shawn McElligott, 58th CEC, 1/11

PFC Timothy Paz, D Co, 1/11

Staff Sgt. Micah Sene, 58th CEC, 1/11

Capt. Benjamin Thompson, NTC

Capt. Wesley Wood (Perfect Edge), OPS Group


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