NTC, Fort Irwin raise COVID restrictions

After an increase in COVID infection rates, leadership at the National Training Center/Fort Irwin, Calif., raised the COVID threat level to Red (a high level of spread) on Dec. 30, 2021.

NTC/Fort Irwin uses a color-coded system that outlines the levels of community transmission. Low is blue, moderate is yellow, substantial is orange, and high is red.

Under the new directives:

* Block Leave Return: Soldiers and Army civilians should not return to indoor work locations within 72 hours of the conclusion of block leave travel. Outdoor physical training and maintenance may continue.

* Indoor mask wearing will be strictly enforced, and large indoor meetings are limited through Jan. 7 to reduce the risk of infection.

* COVID vaccinations are available to all TriCare beneficiaries age 5 and up; and all eligible personnel are encouraged to get the vaccine.

* All persons receiving services or performing duties will continue to wear masks regardless of the threat level.

* There is a 50-person cap on people taking part in meetings, events, and conferences, although exercise and mandatory training are excluded from this limit.

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