EOD Technicians take part in career day

On Jan. 21, 2022, EOD Technicians from the 759th OD CO (EOD) were privileged to take part in a long-standing career day presentation/demonstration for Vanguard Preparatory School.

Led by 1st Lt. Robert Villarreal, five EOD techs (Villarreal – OIC; Sgt. 1st Class Marc Renno – NCOIC; 1st Lt. Isaac Cree, Spc. Brady Dunn, Spc. Austin Phillipson) and one EDO trainee (Sgt. Charles Nally) helped facilitate the event.1LT Villarreal presented students with a basic overview of what an Army EOD unit is composed of, missions, or situations EOD Techs might encounter, and the tools and equipment that are heavily relied upon for their success. Students were then broken down into groups where they were able to rotate through four different stations to ask questions about the equipment capabilities and practical applications. EOD Techs assisted students at each station where they were able to try on the bomb suit and operate two different robot platforms as well as view an X-Ray display. In excess of 80 students and faculty staff were able to participate in the event.

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