Fort Irwin, Barstow partner to provide services, build community ties

Leaders from Fort Irwin, Calif., and the city of Barstow signed an intergovernmental support agreement May 25, 2022, at Fort Irwin Garrison Headquarters.

Under IGSAs, installations can partner with state or local governments, including cities, counties, school districts and public universities, to receive or share installation support services.

The $255 million, 10-year contractual agreement is slated to start August 1, 2022 and will allow the city of Barstow to provide base operation support services including grounds maintenance, pest management, wastewater services, and heating and cooling services to Fort Irwin while saving the Army approximately $5 million over those 10 years.

Barstow, which has an estimated population of more than 20,000 people, is located nearly 40 miles southeast of Fort Irwin and is the closest city to the installation.

Col. Jason Clarke, the Fort Irwin garrison commander, previously signed an IGSA with Barstow in September 2021 that currently provides recurring animal control services on the installation.

“Fort Irwin and the National Training Center are proud to once again partner with the city of Barstow to support local economic growth while providing the best base operation support services for our Soldiers and the community,” Clarke said.

Barstow city manager, Willie Hopkins, said he is excited for Barstow to continue to build the partnership with Fort Irwin and the National Training Center.

“This continuing partnership enhances the economic engine of the region by providing sustainable job growth and livable wages,” Hopkins said. “The signing of the second IGSA contract with Fort Irwin will mark the largest multi-services contract with the U.S. Army, paving the way for a historic partnership between our government agencies and serve as a catalyst for many more IGSA contracts across the nation.”

During the signing, Clarke said that there are additional IGSAs in production, which benefit both the Fort Irwin and Barstow communities.

“[The IGSA] saves us money here … but it also bridges the gap of our communities, provides jobs for the city of Barstow, and, more importantly, it provides more access to Fort Irwin,” Clarke said.

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