September 6, 2018

The General Officer Memorandum of Reprimand: a Soldier’s Guide

By Capt. Michael A. Salvucci
Fort Irwin Legal Assistance Office

General Officer Memorandums of Reprimand (GOMORs) are considered an administrative reprimand imposed under the provisions of AR-600-37 and are not considered punishment under the UCMJ.  However, they are still extremely serious and could end up affecting your career and life.

For many soldiers, this will be the first time receiving such a letter and it is beneficial to know the process ahead of time.  When you receive the GOMOR you will also receive an accompanying evidence packet.  In the packet will be a form that requests you to sign acknowledging that you have received and read the GOMOR and for you to state your intentions of whether or not you will be submitting a rebuttal.  This rebuttal is due seven days from receiving the GOMOR.  It is a good idea to always check the box stating that you will submit a rebuttal within seven days, you can always change your mind and not submit a rebuttal after speaking with an attorney.

The quick turnaround required for a GOMOR rebuttal means that you need to contact the Legal Assistance Office immediately (same day) to schedule a meeting with an attorney.  They will ask you to bring all of the documents that you received with the GOMOR as well as any other supporting documents that you think might be helpful.  It is also a good idea to gather your good soldier materials and reach out to those who may be willing to write good character letters.

Your legal assistance attorney will aid you in writing the GOMOR rebuttal.  Ultimately this is your rebuttal with your signature at the bottom.  However, your attorney, having seen and worked on many of these, will guide and help you as best as they can.

The rebuttal itself may request that the issuing authority withdraw the reprimand completely, file it locally instead of permanently, or some combination of the two.  Your attorney will be able to suggest the course of action he or she thinks would be best given your particular set of circumstances.

If you have questions regarding GOMORs or other legal issues, please visit the Fort Irwin Legal Assistance Office at Bldg. 230, or call 760-380-5321. Hours of operation are 9 a.m.-4 p.m., Monday-Friday. The office is closed 9 a.m.-noon, Thursdays.

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