November 2, 2018

High Desert Warrior Digital Edition – November 2, 2018

Fort Irwin’s Joint Color Guard presents the flags during the World Series game in Los Angeles.

Ft. Irwin High Desert Warrior – Digital Publication serving the National Training Center and Ft. Irwin, CA – Digital Edition November 2, 2018

High Desert Warrior Digital Edition - November 2, 2018
High Desert Warrior Digital Edition – November 2, 2018

Welcome to the High Desert Warrior Digital Edition! This month’s digital edition of High Desert Warrior, the official publication serving the Ft. Irwin community, is available by clicking on the link below. We have some fun stuff for you on our cover this month – Fort Irwin’s Joint Color Guard at the World Series! How cool is that?? While the Series didn’t turn out the way some of us hoped it would (sniffle), what a great honor and thrill for our Soldiers to be able to participate in this bit of Americana. More treats for you if you click through to our center spread – Trick Or Treat photos, to be precise! We have those for you on pages 11 & 12, and photos from Chaplain Brown’s Hallelujah Night on page 13. We have coverage of Oktoberfest 2018 on page 3; Ft. Irwin’s recent domestic violence awareness walk on pages 6 & 7, and a calendar of November events – including Veterans Day observances – on page 13. All this and much more news to serve the Fort Irwin community, in this month’s issue of High Desert Warrior – the only digital publication serving Ft. Irwin and the NTC! Click on the link below to read High Desert Warrior on your computer or mobile device. “Like” our Facebook page ( for daily updates on news coming out of Ft. Irwin and other military and defense installations in the desert southwest. It’s a privilege to serve you – have a great weekend! #aerotechnews #fortirwinarmynews

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Army photograph by Traci Boutwell

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Army photograph by Bob Potter

Virtual battlefield represents future of training

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