Astronaut Scott Kelly on a spacewalk

Expedition 46 Commander Scott Kelly on a Dec. 21, 2015, spacewalk, in which Kelly and Flight Engineer Tim Kopra successfully moved the International Space Station’s mobile transporter rail car ahead of Wednesday’s docking of a Russian cargo supply spacecraft. After quickly completing their primary objective for the spacewalk, Kelly and Kopra tackled several additional tasks. Kelly routed a second pair of cables in preparation for International Docking Adapter installment work to support U.S. commercial crew vehicles. Kopra routed an Ethernet cable that ultimately will connect to a Russian laboratory module. They also retrieved tools that had been in a toolbox on the outside of the station, so they can be used for future work. The three-hour and 16-minute spacewalk was the third for Kelly, who is nine months into a yearlong mission, and the second for Kopra, who arrived to the station Dec. 15. Kelly shared this picture with his social media followers after the conclusion of the spacewalk, writing “Fix was pretty easy, but the rest always a challenge. With great team on earth we got it done safely. #YearInSpace”

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