Headlines – June 6, 2016



Army releases names of all 9 soldiers killed in Fort Hood truck accident –
Officials at Fort Hood, Texas, on Sunday released the name of the ninth soldier who died when a Light Medium Tactical Vehicle overturned in a flooded low-water crossing on post.


Ready for Eurosatory: 1,536 companies head to Paris –
The U.S. will be the largest foreign exhibitor at the upcoming Eurosatory, with 136 American companies booked into the trade show for land weapons and air-land systems, said Patrick Colas des Francs, chief executive of show organizer Coges.
Navy LRASM weapon to fire from ship deck-launcher –
The Navy and Lockheed Martin are looking at developing a variant of the LRASM missile that fires from a deck-launcher on a ship — as opposed to having a weapon that only fires from aircraft and vertical launch tubes.
Finalist flight tests for counter-UAS challenge set for August –
Five finalists will undergo live flight tests in August in Mitre’s $100,000 prize challenge to detect and identify small unmanned aircraft systems under 5 pounds and interdict those that pose a safety or security threat.
BAE, industry partners team up for Challenger 2 race –
BAE Systems has teamed with General Dynamics UK and several other industry partners to compete in a program to breathe new life into the British Army’s Challenger 2 main battle tank fleet.
Raytheon breathes new life into Patton tanks –
Raytheon, in concert with the U.S. Army, has put together a package of upgrades to modernize 1960s-era Patton tanks still used by many Middle Eastern countries.


Supporters say Thunderbirds, Blue Angels are worth the risk, cost –
Both of the U.S. military’s high-drama, high-dollar flying teams suffered crashes on the same day last week, but supporters say the Air Force Thunderbirds and the Navy Blue Angels are worth the money and the risk because they’re vital to recruitment and help citizens feel good about their military.
High praises for Thunderbird pilot who landed F-16 before catastrophe –
Engine failure, fuel malfunction. Maybe even a bird strike. The official finding of what caused the F-16 to crash after performing for the Air Force Academy’s graduation ceremony Thursday has not been released, but experts and pilots are giving major props to the pilot of the No. 6 Thunderbirds jet, Maj. Alex Turner, for a safe and impressive crash landing.
The U.S. Air Force may have just built its last fighter jet –
The operator of the world’s biggest and most sophisticated fleet of warplanes isn’t currently planning on developing a major new dogfighter. How come?
Missing flight data contributed to accident that made AC-130J unusable –
A lack of flight test data was a contributing factor in an April 2015 accident that led to an AC-130J nosediving 5,000 feet in an inverted position before the pilots could recover, according to an Air Force Accident Investigation Board.
Joint air-to-ground missile fired from drone, a first –
The missile intended to ultimately replace the Hellfire was fired from a Gray Eagle unmanned aircraft system and hit a moving truck target at Dugway Proving Ground, Utah, according to the U.S. Army’s Joint Attack Munition Systems project manager.
Blue Angels suspend flying after fatal crash –
Following a rare, fatal crash during a practice flight June 2, the Navy’s elite flight demonstration squadron has canceled its appearance at the Great Tennessee Air Show and suspended flying until further notice, a Naval Air Forces spokeswoman confirmed to Navy Times.
The controversial plan to slash military housing allowance faces opposition –
Military advocates are baffled over a Senate plan to overhaul troops’ housing stipends, saying the change appears unneeded and potentially crippling to family finances.


New rule would let VA provide sex reassignment surgery to transgender vets –
Veterans Affairs doctors could begin providing sex reassignment surgery in coming years under a new rule proposed by the department.
Post-9/11 vet unemployment sets records in May; U.S. hiring slows –
Even as hiring slowed for the nation as a whole in May, the unemployment rate for post-9/11 veterans continued to set records, government data shows.
Some veterans still wait months for medical care –
Wait times for veterans seeking medical appointments at the VA have remained stubbornly stagnant in the past five months, with the number of patients who have waited more than a month to see a doctor topping 505,000, according to newly released data.
Montgomery’s simple D-Day battle plans scrawled on handwritten note –
General Sir Bernard Montgomery’s handwritten D-Day battle plan noting that the key to the vast military operation was “simplicity” has been revealed on the 72nd anniversary of the Normandy landings.


U.S. set to approve Moon mission by commercial space venture –
U.S. officials appear poised to make history by approving the first private space mission to go beyond Earth’s orbit, according to people familiar with the details.
Another small step for man? –
NASA astronaut Jeff Williams will enter the expandable module (BEAM) for the first time June 6.
World’s first 3D printed plane unveiled –
Three-D printing is fast evolving, with companies now producing objects ranging from castles to lawn mowers.