Headlines – August 26, 2016



U.S. warship fires three warning shots as Iran escalates confrontations –
A day after four Iranian boats harassed a destroyer in the Persian Gulf, a similar squad of vessels came after three more U.S. ships Aug. 24, according to a U.S. Navy spokesman.


Global Hawk to undergo significant ground control modernisation effort –
Raytheon is leading a modernization effort to incorporate a new system architecture into the U.S. Air Force’s Global Hawk ground control station that will introduce a common ground controller, similar to the work the company has done for the U.S. Navy.
Think Lockheed Martin was dumb to buy Sikorsky? Here’s why you’re wrong –
When Lockheed Martin purchased Sikorsky, many analysts scoffed. But judging by the stock’s performance since the deal closed, the laugh’s on them.
Elbit debuts maritime-friendly mini-drone –
Elbit has unveiled a new version of its Skylark mini-UAV.
Air Force upgrading JTAC vehicle –
Mobile tactical networks specialist iGov has been awarded a $53 million delivery order to upgrade the communications systems on Tactical Air Control Party vehicles.
U.S. Air Force opens path to order up to 100 more C-130Js –
Lockheed Martin could deliver up to 100 more C-130Js plus services and support equipment to U.S. and foreign customers under a new contracting vehicle awarded Aug. 19.
New Zealand contracts Boeing for Orion upgrade –
Boeing has been contracted to upgrade the underwater intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance capability of the Royal New Zealand Air Force’s fleet of Lockheed Martin P-3K2 Orions.


Pentagon study urges ‘immediate action’ on thinking weapons –
Should the United States build physical and cyber Terminators, weapons that do not have a human in the loop? The unequivocal answer from the prestigious Defense Science Board is yes.
It’s official — the U.S. Air Force has no idea what it’s doing trying to retire the A-10 –
On Aug. 24, the Government Accountability Office released a scathing report about the US Air Force’s half-baked plan to replace the A-10, essentially concluding that the Air Force had no good end game in sight.
The Army isn’t getting much use out of its expensive training games –
The United States Army has a problem: Its soldiers aren’t playing enough video games.
Navy awards frigate combat management system contract to Lockheed Martin –
The Navy awarded Lockheed Martin a contract worth up to $79.6 million to design and build the Component-Based Total-Ship System – 21st Century (COMBATSS-21) combat management system for the first of the upcoming frigates.


Dem pushes TSA to lower PreCheck price for veterans –
A House Democrat is pushing the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to lower the price of its PreCheck program for veterans.
Local veterans group protests MCAS Miramar air show –
The group hopes that families will choose to stay home rather than attend the annual air show.
Veterans group pressured to let Gary Johnson join forum with Trump, Clinton –
A small but vocal contingent of military veterans is lobbying one of the nation’s largest advocacy groups to invite Libertarian presidential hopeful Gary Johnson to its nationally televised forum with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.


Where the candidates stand on NASA, space exploration –
If we’re going to send the first humans to Mars in the early 2030s, NASA is going to need the next President of the United States to be a strong supporter of space exploration.