Headlines – August 15, 2018



Trump signals he may ignore Russia provisions in defense bill he just signed –
U.S. President Donald Trump said in a statement he reserves the right to ignore the defense authorization law’s ban on U.S. recognition of Russian sovereignty over Crimea, among 50 other provisions he says tread on his authority as president.
China ‘dissatisfied’ as U.S. backs Taiwan and scrutiny of foreign firms –
Beijing has condemned U.S. President Donald Trump for signing an act committing to stronger military support for Taiwan and placing Chinese companies under closer scrutiny, saying the move will damage the countries’ ties.


Lockheed nabs another big hypersonic weapons contract –
Lockheed Martin will design a second hypersonic weapon prototype for the U.S. Air Force, the service announced Aug. 13.
China’s military capabilities are booming; does its defense industry mirror that trend? –
China’s massive military modernization program over the past two decades has been matched to a large degree by a parallel development in its state-owned military-industrial base, and that trend is set to continue as China continues its efforts to build up its forces to challenge U.S. military primacy in the western Pacific.
Construction issues still plague Polish Aegis Ashore site –
Construction issues that have plagued the Polish Aegis Ashore missile defense site remain unresolved, but the U.S. Missile Defense Agency continues to work toward a resolution, according to the MDA director.
Cost isn’t everything. Pentagon should judge contractors on cybersecurity, report says –
The Pentagon should take into account the cybersecurity capabilities of defense contractors in addition to cost and performance measures when awarding contracts, a U.S. government-funded think tank recommended in a report published Aug. 13.


Air Force general faces questions over his Christian website –
An advocacy group is calling for an investigation into the commander of Edwards Air Force Base in California over allegations that he has violated U.S. Defense Department policies on religious proselytizing.
Defense act restricts efforts to cut US troop numbers in South Korea –
The 2019 defense policy bill signed by President Donald Trump restricts efforts to reduce U.S. troop numbers in South Korea, reflecting concerns that the administration may move to do so.
Mattis wants commanders to rely more on UCMJ for disciplinary problems –
Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis has issued new guidance to commanders across the military: Stop relying on administrative actions for disciplinary problems and start using the military justice system more often.
Mattis: U.S. needs Space Force to counter Russia, China –
A U.S. Space Force is necessary to protect American satellites from being targeted by attack weapons in the hands of China and Russia, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said Aug. 14.
U.S. Navy supercarrier John C. Stennis is headed for a complex overhaul –
Huntington Ingalls Newport News is gearing up to start a years-long overhaul of the U.S. Navy carrier John C. Stennis, which is shifting home ports from Washington state to Norfolk to get ready for its break from the rotation.
After years of waiting, Blue Angels set for ‘Super’ upgrade –
The world-famous U.S. Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron — the Blue Angels — is set for a major change following a Monday $17 million contract award.
Need for new tech grows as Air Force’s Bird Strike mission expands –
If Dan Sullivan could use small drones to keep an eye in the sky over U.S. air bases, he would. But that may be a future strategy to survey wildlife lurking near military airfields, posing a risk to aircraft.


Remains from North Korea in moderate to poor condition, could take years to identify –
It will take scientists months to determine how many sets of Korean War remains were in 55 boxes handed over by North Korea, officials with the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency said Aug. 14 at the White House.