Headlines – August 14, 2019



Taliban, U.S. pact in Afghanistan could boost Islamic State-
A deal between the Taliban and the United States for U.S. forces to withdraw from their longest-ever war in Afghanistan could drive some diehard Taliban fighters into the arms of the Islamic State militant group, Afghan officials and militants say.
South Korea moves to kick its missile defense shield up a notch-
South Korea plans to spend more money on boosting its missile defense shield in response to North Korea’s evolving missile capability, the Ministry of National Defense announced Aug. 15.


Ex-Blackwater contractor sentenced to life in Iraq shootings-
A former Blackwater security contractor was sentenced Aug. 14 to life in prison for his role in the 2007 shooting of unarmed civilians in Iraq that left 14 people dead.
Navy issues draft request for proposal for large unmanned surface vehicle-
The Navy has put a call out to industry to send in ideas for its planned fleet of corvette-sized unmanned surface vehicles, according to a draft request for proposal announced on Aug. 14.
Weld problems spread to second Navy sub program-
BWX Technologies has, for the second time this year, delivered faulty missile tubes to the Navy.


Non-deployability rates drop in Air Force — without kicking anyone out-
A major push to reduce the number of airmen who can’t deploy due to medical reasons has been successful, the Air Force’s personnel chief told Air Force Times Tuesday. And so far, no airmen has been kicked out under the “deploy or get out” policy.
Marines, sailors practice fighting at sea using an 80-year-old communication tactic-
Despite ballyhoo about the need for military cyber, electronic warfare and more tech-adept forces for future war, the Navy and Marines are testing war tactics more common nearly 100 years ago.
Competition to build 5G networks, hypersonics focus for Pentagon research chief-
The Department of Defense has made significant progress in the past 15 months in offensive and defensive hypersonic capabilities to counter developments from China and Russia, its chief engineer said Aug. 13. Now, the Pentagon is aiming to make the same kind of progress in developing 5G networks and microelectronics.
U.S. Navy’s new supercarrier can now land all of its planes — except the F-35 stealth fighter-
The USS Gerald R. Ford, the Navy’s new supercarrier, can now land all of the service’s planes, except for its new stealth fighter.
Air Force Researchers Call for National Electromagnetic Attack Preparation-
Everyday Americans aren’t worried enough about the threat of a massive electromagnetic attack, according to a new, 130-page Air University report on electromagnetic spectrum vulnerabilities.
U.S. Air Force/CAP program aims to lessen pilot shortage-
The Air Force and Civil Air Patrol are trying out a new joint approach to help tackle the service’s pilot shortage.
Marines declare Joint Light Tactical Vehicle ready for the front lines-
The Marine Corps will begin fielding new Joint Light Tactical Vehicles to Marine expeditionary units next month now that the service has declared the Humvee replacement ready for the battlefield.


Investigators find $53 million in improper medical bills for veterans-
Lawmakers are demanding answers from Veterans Affairs officials after a new investigation found more than $53 million in emergency room costs for veterans improperly rejected by department officials.
VA partners with DOD to upgrade supply chain at high risk for abuse-
The Department of Veterans Affairs announced a partnership with the Defense Department this week to upgrade its supply chain system, which is perennially on a government watchdog agency’s “high risk” list for waste, fraud and abuse.
VA seeking input on FSGLI coverage for stillborn children-
The Department of Veterans Affairs is seeking the public’s input on Family Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance coverage of stillborn children.
VA is changing GI Bill payment amounts for some online classes-
GI Bill students enrolled in courses that combine distance and in-class learning will soon get paid a full housing allowance thanks to a change by the Department of Veterans Affairs.