Headlines – August 23, 2019



Two U.S. service members killed in Afghanistan-
Two U.S. service members were killed Aug. 21 in Afghanistan.
Houthi rebels claim to down Reaper drone in Yemen, U.S. investigating-
U.S. Central Command has opened an investigation into reports that Houthi rebels in Yemen shot down a U.S. MQ-9 Reaper late Aug. 20, according to a Aug. 21 news release.
South Korea to withdraw from military intelligence sharing pact with Japan-
South Korea will withdraw from a key military intelligence sharing pact with Japan due to an escalating trade spat between the two U.S. allies, the government said Aug. 22.


Pentagon terminates program for redesigned kill vehicle, preps for new competition-
The Pentagon has moved from taking a “strategic pause” on the Redesigned Kill Vehicle program to outright killing it.
China says it will sanction U.S. firms in Taiwan warplane sale-
China said Aug. 21 that it will levy sanctions against U.S. companies linked to a planned $8 billion sale of advanced F-16V fighter jets to Taiwan in a move that has further strained Sino-American relations.
Inside America’s dysfunctional trillion-dollar fighter-jet program-
The F-35 was once the Pentagon’s high-profile problem child. Has it finally moved past its reputation of being an overhyped and underperforming warplane?
Boeing wins contract worth nearly $1 billion to replace remaining A-10 wings-
Boeing will make the wings on the remaining A-10 Thunderbolt II attack aircraft that are slated to receive an upgrade, the Defense Department announced this week.
Raytheon completes OCX Block 1 as second GPS III satellite set for launch-
Raytheon finished developing the newest version of the control system for the Air Force’s GPS III satellites one day before the second satellite is set to launch into space.


Pentagon ‘very carefully’ watching China, it’s ‘No. 1 priority,’ Defense Secretary Mark Esper says-
China is the Pentagon’s “number one priority,” and the United States is watching Beijing “very carefully” in order to safeguard America, Defense Secretary Mark Esper told Fox News in an exclusive interview Aug. 21.
Pentagon terminates program for redesigned kill vehicle, preps for new competition-
The Pentagon has moved from taking a “strategic pause” on the Redesigned Kill Vehicle program to outright killing it.
Pentagon is turning to nature to solve its most complex problems-
DARPA is exploring ways to harness chemical reactions, biological processes and other natural phenomena to build a more efficient computer.’’
Despite record DOD budgets, Army needs more money: Acting secretary-
Recent record budgets for the Defense Department won’t be enough to cover the Army’s long-term needs for modernization to meet growing threats from China and Russia, Acting Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy said Aug. 20.
B-21 Raider looms large over the celebration of B-2?s first flight-
The U.S. Air Force and Northrop Grumman celebrated 30 years since the inaugural flight of the iconic B-2 stealth bomber Aug. 20 during a ceremony at Northrop’s Palmdale, Calif., facility, where the B-2 was built and first took off.
Marine Corps is looking at unmanned ships for a Pacific fight-
Unmanned surface vessels may be key to how the Corps fights and supplies its force across the expanse of the Indo-Pacific region.


No ifs, ands or butts. VA’s smoke free policy will now apply to employees, too-
The Department of Veterans Affairs new “smoke free” policy for department health care facilities will now apply to employees too, not just patients and visitors.
Trump orders easier process to forgive disabled vets’ student loans-
President Donald Trump on Aug. 21 directed the Department of Education to find new ways to wipe out remaining student loan payments for nearly 25,000 disabled veterans facing significant debts despite existing relief programs designed to help them.
Trump orders VA to buy controversial antidepressant in an effort to stem veterans suicide-
Ahead of his remarks at the AMVETS national convention on Wednesday, President Donald Trump announced he has instructed Veterans Affairs officials to make a massive purchase of the antidepressant Spravato in an effort to stem veterans’ suicide.