GPS interference for systems testing

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The Federal Aviation Administration is alerting all aircraft relying on GPS that military testing may result in an unreliable or unavailable GPS signal within a 248 nautical mile radius of Palmdale, Calif., when at 40,000 feet Mean Sea Level and 206 nautical miles when at 25,000 feet MSL.

The tests will be conducted Sept. 16-20, and Sept. 23-27, from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. local time. This time was specifically selected in an effort to minimize impact on air traffic and the general public.

FAA NOTAMs will be available online starting on Sept. 12.

In addition, ground-based GPS navigation and electronic devices or smart phone apps that rely on GPS may be affected in the vicinity of the Antelope Valley. We strongly encourage you to plan your nighttime activities accordingly as the GPS signal may be unreliable. Thank you for your cooperation, normal GPS reliability will resume after the testing is complete.