Headlines — October 15


An Afghanistan evac flight was almost hijacked, Air Force reveals
While the chaos at HKIA is over, the effort to evacuate Afghans is not. Here’s how the U.S. is still getting people out.

Combined Russian, Chinese military power will approach, but not exceed U.S.
On its current trajectory, U.S. planners should expect greater military cooperation on a global level between Beijing and Moscow.



Army halts widely-hyped multi-billion dollar advanced augmented reality goggle program
The Army had awarded Microsoft a contract worth up to nearly $22 billion earlier this year to start building the potentially game-changing headsets.

High operations tempo contributing to Lockheed spectrum convergence growth
About three years ago, in response to the growing convergence of cyberspace and electromagnetic spectrum operations within the military, Lockheed Martin underwent an internal reorganization to adjust to the new demands.

Airbus U.S. Space and Defense names new CEO
Airbus’s American subsidiary is replacing its chief executive, Christopher Emerson, with Robert Geckle, its former head of operations and corporate functions, the company said Oct. 13.

Turkish shipyard launches mass production of fast patrol boats for coastal defense
Private Turkish shipyard Ares has begun mass production of a batch of 122 fast patrol boats for the countryís Coast Guard Command and the General Directorate of Security, the company announced.



Pentagon’s arms sales chief resigns as Biden administration faces decisions on transfer policy
The director of the Pentagon agency in charge of foreign military sales is stepping down after 15 months in the role.

Feds investigating another Navy bribery scandal
The cash-for-port contracts allegations echo the “Fat Leonard” scandal.

Pilot lost control of wobbling F-22 that spiraled to the ground in secretive crash last year
In the confusing aftermath of the crash, F-22 and F-35 fighter jets almost collided in midair as well.

U.S., Philippines eye return to full military drills in 2022
The U.S. and the Philippines are planning to return to full-scale military drills in 2022 after two years and will invite Australia and the U.K. as observers, in another sign of the Biden administration’s push to deepen ties in the Indo-Pacific and counter China’s assertiveness.

Why the Army clings to its space troops: ‘Translating geek to grunt’
The Army says it needs that tactical and operational capability for its forward Soldiers to maneuver in theater and to conduct defensive and offensive operations in and through space.




Changes to VA’s community care program raise concerns about vets’ health care access
The department will close down the Office of Community Care in coming months, replacing it with a new agency.

Public can lay flowers on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier for the first time in 100 years
The public will be able to walk up to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and lay flowers for the first time in nearly 100 years.

VA to hire 2,000 new processors to help with looming spike in claims backlog
Veterans Affairs leaders are bringing on more than 2,000 claims processors to deal with an expected spike in overdue cases that could push the department’s claims backlog to its highest level in seven years.

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