Headlines — March 4


Ukraine jets hit Russian column; Russia has used thermobarics, Ukraine military says
Startling new claims in Russia’s war on Ukraine by the head of Ukraine’s defense intelligence agency.

War crimes investigation launched against Russia as Ukraine civilian deaths rise
The International Criminal Court prosecutor has launched an investigation that could target senior officials believed responsible for war crimes, crimes against humanity, or genocide amid a rising civilian death toll and widespread destruction of property during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Taiwan to more than double annual missile production capacity amid China tension
Taiwan plans to more than double its yearly missile production capacity to close to 500 this year, the island’s defense ministry said in a report, as it boosts its combat power amid what it sees as China’s growing military threat.




Airbus kicks off Franco-Spanish ‘Tiger’ helo upgrade program — with Germany TBD
Airbus is cleared to build new Tiger attack helicopters for the French and Spanish armies, while Germanyís participation still remains to be seen.

New US sanctions target Russia’s multibillion-dollar defense sector
The Biden administration has taken further steps aimed at Russia’s defense industry, announcing sanctions March 2 that could affect not only Russia, but countries that rely on its military hardware.

Rafael subsidiary gets classified clearance to work in US
The Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency granted facility clearance to Rafael Systems Global Sustainment, an American subsidiary of Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, in February, according to company president and CEO Joseph Anderson.

India braces for sanctions on Russia to delay weapons programs, deliveries
India is now gearing to counter the impact of new economic sanctions on Russia by the U.S. and Europe that could hamper armaments and military spares supplies from Moscow.




Pentagon postpones nuclear missile test launch amid Ukraine crisis
The Pentagon announced that it is postponing a nuclear missile test launch scheduled for this week to avoid any possible misunderstanding in light of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s recent decision to put his nuclear forces on higher alert.

Military suicide prevention efforts are falling short, Pentagon concedes
The number of active-duty suicides increased every year from 2015 to 2020.

Congressional support increases for permanent US military bases in the Baltics
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is prompting congressional lawmakers to reconsider the U.S. security structure in the Baltics, where leaders have long sought permanent American military bases in their countries.

US Navy confident it can fix its fighter jet shortfall — and avoid another
The U.S. Navy has a carefully balanced plan to dig out of a fighter shortfall and stave off another in the 2030s ó but several pieces must come together exactly as planned.

US Air Force discusses tactics with Ukrainian Air Force as Russian advance stalls
U.S. and NATO intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance assets on NATO’s eastern flank are providing tactical information to the Ukrainian Air Force as new air defense assistance arrives inside Ukraine, though the U.S. is being careful to avoid steps that might be seen as escalatory, a defense official told Air Force Magazine.

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