607th ACS graduates 34


The 607th Air Control Squadron graduated 34 students in October and November:

Distinguished graduates: Senior Airman Steven Choi, 726th ACS and Airman 1st Class David Logan, 116th ACS.

Other graduates according to course:

Surveillance tech

726th ACS

Airman 1st Class Kyle Ford

134th ACS

Senior Airman Oliver Hughes and Airman 1st Class Matthew Means

606th ACS

Airmen 1st Class Eric Cooke and Lucia Roberts, Airman Angela Tarr, and Airmen 1st Class Dayna Williams and Nicholas Williams

729th ACS

Airmen 1st Class Claudia Franco and Michelle Huynh and Airman Joseph Jackson

Weapons director

132nd Distributed Training Operations Center

Tech. Sgt. Nicholas Fulton

607th ACS

Staff Sgt. Laton Kyles

726th ACS

Senior Airman Kyle Gregory

729th ACS

Senior Airmen John Babauta, Shala Hartzog and Christopher Ortiz

Undergrad weapons director

111th Air Support Operations

Tech. Sgt. Justin Fajardo

116th ACS

Airman 1st Class Lindsie Gallardo

123rd ACS

Staff Sgt. Matthew Doxsey

133rd Test Squadron

Staff Sgt. Samantha Niel

141st ACS

Airman 1st Class Cesar Moreno

337th ACS

Senior Airman Tiffany Swanson

607th ACS

Senior Airman Alexander Ramon

608th Air and Space
Operations Center

Senior Airman Kenneth Moore

612th AOC

Airman 1st Class Conor Hawkins

621st ACS

Airman 1st Class Lucas Bodden

726th ACS

Airman 1st Class Mariana Alvarez and Senior Airman Marielle Martin

729th ACS

Senior Airmen Christopher Kinney and Jesse Streng

81st Range Control Squadron

Senior Airman Christopher Gordon