Utility allowance changes for Luke families in housing

The Air Force and privatized housing developers recently agreed to a new method for the Utility Allowance Program for base family housing residents. At Luke Air Force Base, the changes are due to take effect in March 2017.

Currently, UAs are calculated based on an annual five-year rolling average of utility consumption in like-type housing groupings, plus a 10 percent buffer. The revised UA policy allows privatized housing to calculate the allowance for the majority of housing units based on current monthly consumption and rate charges. This change effectively eliminates the potential for extreme weather conditions to impact the housing residents as the UA will now be calculated by current monthly data. Similar to the previous method average monthly meter readings of electricity, gas, and/or heating fuel in like-type housing groupings removing the top and bottom 10 percent users (5 percent from top and 5 percent from bottom) from the data, will effectively establish the monthly UA. The ability to use current monthly data will remove the 10 percent addition currently added to the UA.

The first mock billing statement using the new method will be mailed this month for the November billing cycle. There will be three mock bills sent before live billing commences in February 2017 with the first live bill to be received in March for February usage. Balfour Beatty Communities asks their residents to review their mock statement to become familiar with the statement format and their usage.

The new policy will promote energy conservation while rewarding residents who are conscious of consumption through rebates. Prior to commencement of live billing, BBC will host a town hall to discuss the billing process with residents, tentatively scheduled for January 2017.

The BBC team is committed to keeping residents informed throughout this entire process and will work closely with the 56th Fighter Wing Housing Management Office to ensure any updates are relayed to the residents as soon as possible. There should be a seamless transition for the residents. BBC is committed to being available to discuss any questions or concerns their residents may have regarding this new program.

For more information on the UA program, call BBC at 623-388-3935.

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