Brig. Gen. Brooke Leonard, 56th Fighter Wing commander,
revealed the 56th FW’s new mission, vision and beliefs Nov. 4, 2016.

“The mission is why we are here, the vision is what we want to be, and the
beliefs are core descriptions of what we value and how we operate,” Leonard said.


We build the future of airpower

“We are the largest fighter wing in the United States Air Force and contribute greatly to the future of airpower,” Leonard said. “Not only does airpower reside in our fighter pilot production, it is the intelligence officers we send to operational units, and the maintenance crew chiefs we graduate. It is the partnerships with downtown facilities that train folks across the medical field, command and control, and the air battle managers we produce. What we do now will have a lasting effect on the Air Force.”


We will lead the Air Force in developing Airmen and training fighter pilots

“This vision statement first calls out our top priority – to develop our Airmen personally and professionally,” said Chief Master Sgt. Randy Kwiatkowski, 56th FW command chief. “Each personal and professional program serves as fence posts to stabilize an Airman’s career path.”


• We value people, ideas and then things

• We are called to lead and at our best when working in teams

• We have the greatest impact when we focus on culture with a campaign mindset

• We must diligently communicate, prioritize and solve problems as stewards of our nation’s treasure

• We can change the Air Force from the 56th FW

“These beliefs represent a clear calling toward excellence on a larger scale and with a look toward the effect today’s actions will have for years to come,” Leonard said.

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