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Don’t forget …

Recently I attended a Bris. A Bris is the circumcision and naming ceremony for an 8-day-old Jewish baby boy. The religious significance of this rite is profound. It was a beautiful and joyful celebration of covenant, faith, love, family and tradition. During the ceremony, one of the rabbis made a unique statement regarding the ceremony. He stated that, during this ceremony, the gateway to heaven was opened just a bit wider; therefore, this would be a wonderful time to pray for those people and situations that matter most.

I found this to be an interesting theological proposition; one that, in all honestly, I found some difficulty with since my tradition holds to the idea that God is equally close at all times. Yet … this was intriguing. Indeed, what if, during this brief period of time, the mystical veil that shrouds mortals from the immortal really was drawn back just a bit further? What if, during this ceremony, my prayers would somehow be more readily received?

This thought brought a plethora of questions to my mind. Not the least of which was, “For what should I pray?” With the door opened wider, what request should I present to the maker of the universe? Somehow, I felt it would be inappropriate to pray for wealth or long life. So what do I pray for? Quick! The door may close shortly. Pray!

I am a husband, a father of three and a grandfather of five. My prayer in that sacred moment was that my children and grandchildren would not forget God. In those brief moments, my prayers were for my children, that in the busyness of life they would not forget. My prayer was for my grandchildren, that they would be taught the truths that have held us through the years; and that they too, would not forget God.

Faith is predicated upon the awareness and remembrance of the transcendent. My friends … don’t forget.

Thank you for your service and sacrifice.

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