What is Pay-at-the-Port Program?

Pay-at-the-Port program is where travelers pay for military air (Patriot Express/other AMC Tickets) using their Government Travel Card when he/she checks in at the passenger terminal instead of the airfare being charged to the travel orders.

What is changing?

Please be aware that Pay-at-the-Port program will roll out to all AMC passenger terminals in the near future.

What does this mean to travelers?

This means that Air Force travelers will need to have:

• GTCs activated

• know their GTC pin

• have their credit limits increased to cover all travel related costs, which can be significant, especially for families traveling overseas

A receipt will be provided at the AMC terminal and travelers will need to keep it to file with their travel voucher. The AMC receipt will look like a boarding pass with the cost of the ticket. If the receipt is lost, a lost receipt form can be filed only with a copy of the GTC statement showing the airfare costs.

What is the Joint Travel Regulation?

The Joint Travel Regulation is the regulation to govern all travel pay entitlements, which is used Defense Department-wide.

What is changing?

Be aware that the Joint Travel Regulations was reorganized on May 1. This new framework includes revised Chapters 1-4 covering general travel policies, standard allowances, TDY travel, and government-funded leave. It will replace the old Chapters 1-4 and 7. These revised chapters use plain language and standardized terminology. It is important to note that the policies contained in the May 2017 JTR will cover all of the travel authorities. There will be no changes to policies but may be rearranged according to the new framework and/or rewritten to ease understanding.

Why is it changing?

These changes are part of the first phase of the Defense Travel Management Office’s effort to shorten policy and make the JTR easier to navigate, easier to understand, and shorter in length. Due to the new framework, page numbers and paragraph citations may be different from previous versions. The May 2017 version of the JTR was published on May 1.

What is Imminent Danger Pay?

A member may be paid Imminent Danger Pay when assigned to perform duties in areas authorized IDP. IDP is payable at a maximum amount of $225 a month and is prorated. As with all military entitlements, a month is considered 30 days. A member is not authorized IDP when he/she departs the authorized IDP location due to PCS, evacuation, leave, TDY or AWOL.

What is changing?

If a member leaves the IDP location at any given time whether on leave or a short TDY, he/she will still be paid IDP. Upon return, a debt will be established on the member’s record for the days the member was away from the IDP location.