Airmen ensured PCS privileges

It’s the season for permanent changes of station and every Airman should know the basic PCS entitlements.

PCS entitlements (current 2017 rates)

Per diem for driving

A combined flat rate calculation cost (includes lodging plus meals and incidental expenses)

Member: $142

Dependents per diem when traveling with the military member:

• Age 12 or older will receive 75 percent of the per diem/under age 12 will receive 50 percent


•17 cents per mile

Dependents who travel nonconcurrently from the military member:

•100 percent for one dependent, age 12 or older

•75 percent for each of the other dependents, age 12 or older-50 percent for each dependent under age 12


Advance pay

Intended to assist with out-of-pocket expenses incurred in conjunction with a PCS. The maximum amount is three months basic pay, less deductions. It can be requested 30 days prior to departure or 60 days after arrival at the new duty station. Some instances may require the commander’s approval.

Advance DLA

•May be requested 10 days prior to final out date and based on rank and dependency status.

•BAH advance may be requested to pay advance rent, security deposit, and initial expenses incident to moving into a rental property/home purchase. AF Form 1039 must be completed with the unit commander signature along with lease, contract and/or letter-of-intent.

Temporary lodging expense

TLE is an allowance intended to partially reimburse military members for lodging/meal expenses incurred by the military member/dependent(s) while occupying temporary lodging at a losing or gaining base. Members must have a nonavailability letter to be reimbursed off-base lodging.

•10 days maximum for a member who PCSs to a CONUS (w/in the U.S) base

•5 days maximum for a member who PCSs to an OCONUS (overseas) base

•TLE is based on the number of eligible people and percentage rates not to exceed $290 a day.

•TDY en route

If a spouse travels to the TDY en route location and a rental property is used for lodging, the only name that should be on the lease is the member’s name.

Flat rate per diem

•Long-term TDYs are for anyone TDY of 31 days or longer will be subject to a flat-rate per diem.

•TDYs 31-180 Days is limited to 75 percent

•TDYs more than 180 days is limited to 55 percent

What to keep while in transit

•Airport flight itineraries/airfare receipts

•Airfare receipts from AMC terminals (will look like a boarding pass)

•If the AMC receipt is lost, a lost receipt form can be filed along with a copy of the GTC statement reflecting the charge

•Any receipt that is $75.00 or more that requires reimbursement

Government travel card

•The government travel card is to be used for all official PCS expenses such as, but not limited to: lodging cost, meals, taxi, airfare, baggage fees, CTO fees, currency conversion fees

•Ensure GTC is activated and know the PIN

•Request credit limit increase to cover all travel-related costs, especially for families traveling overseas

For more information, call finance customer service at 623-856-7028 or email

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