54th Fighter Group

Description: The 54th Fighter Group is the U.S. Air Force premier F-16 training organization. This selectively manned unit conducts formal graduate-level F-16 initial, requalification, senior officer, and instructor training for Air Combat Command, Pacific Air Forces, United States Air Forces in Europe, Air Force Materiel Command, Air Force Reserve Command, and the Air National Guard. The 54th FG is a tenant unit located at Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico, under operational control of the 56th Fighter Wing commander.

Mission: We build the future of airpower.

Commander: Col. James Keen

Demographics: There are 820 personnel training 120 F-16 pilots, 200 F-16 crew chiefs and 20 flight surgeons a year. There are an additional 638 maintenance contractors with a group total of 85 assigned aircraft.

54th  Fighter Group Units

8 FS Color Patch - V02

8th Fighter Squadron

Mission: We build the future of airpower.

Priorities: Be professional, be lethal and be passionate.

Commander: Lt. Col. Mark Sletten


311th FS

Mission: Produce the world’s greatest F-16 wingmen and instructor pilots ready to meet the requirements of the combat air forces.

Commander: Lt. Col. Michael Driscoll


314th FS

Mission: We build the future of airpower.

Commander: Lt. Col. Michael Clapper


54th Operations Support Squadron

Mission: Cultivate the world’s premier combat F-16 pilots by providing unrivalled academic instruction, device training, intelligence, flight crew equipment and operational support to the 54th Fighter Group.

Commander: Lt. Col. Derrick Vincent


54th Maintenance Squadron

Mission: We build the future of airpower.

Vision: Provide the highest quality on/off-equipment maintenance supporting the Air Force’s development of Airmen and training fighter pilots.

Commander: Lt. Col. Stuart Menn


54th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Mission: Provide mission-ready aircraft to train the world’s greatest F-16 pilots and maintainers.

Commander: Lt. Col. Kenneth Beebe III


Detachment 1, 944th Fighter Wing

Mission: Provide experienced F-16 instructor pilots to enhance continuity, retain expertise and mitigate costs to produce the world’s most lethal F-16 pilots in classic association with the 54th FG.

Commander: Lt. Col. Brian Healy

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