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Service before self benefits everyone

I am not a social media aficionado. However, I do occasionally peruse Facebook to look at photos of family and friends and keep up to date with the happenings in people’s lives.

The other day I came across an interesting post from an Airman I met while deployed. He has sought daily to live out the Air Force’s core value of service before self. It is my hope that you are as inspired as I was by this Airman.

He chose to use his free time to lead his flight in providing resources for a classroom in the Houston area. Additionally, after a long day of work, he went above and beyond by assisting a fellow Airman with a personal emergency resulting in a hospital trip.

It is so very easy for you and me to reverse the verbiage of our Air Force core value and worry about our self over serving others. We all have responsibilities at work, school and at home with our family, all while maintaining a healthy life balance. All that is required of us in any given day can easily squeeze out things that are most important like helping and serving others. Serving others seems natural when we believe that service before self is best for everyone.

This Airman’s model of service before self made me proud, and I hope it challenges you. His example, and the many acts of service I witness from Luke Airmen, is refreshing. I encourage you to use your gifts, talents and support to impact your team, your neighborhood, your community and the communities around our Nation. By following this Airman’s example, we will change the Air Force from the 56th Fighter Wing and beyond.

Thank you for all you do!

Courtesy of Chaplain (Capt.) James Lanford
56th Fighter Wing Chapel

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