New Parent

Moms prep by month to prepare for baby on-the-way

Having a baby? Here is a helpful checklist to pace yourself as you prepare for the new arrival.

Month 1 (4 to 6 weeks pregnant) Congratulations on finding out you are pregnant!

• Spend this month learning about nutrition; begin prenatal vitamins if you haven’t already, drink lots of fluid and rest when your body tells you to.

Month 2 (8 to 11 weeks)

• Interview and choose an obstetrician

• Review your medical insurance coverage

• Start building an emergency fund (three to six months of basic living expenses)

Month 3 (12 to 15 weeks)

• Begin to come up with childcare options if necessary

• Start a retirement fund, if not already established

• Start shopping for maternity clothes

Month 4 (16 to 19 weeks)

• Research Family leave options/discuss work adjustments with your employer

• Pay any deposits required by physician/nurse practitioner, labor and delivery fees

Month 5 (20 to 23 weeks)

• Schedule childbirth /breastfeeding preparation classes

• Purchase baby furniture and accessories

• Take an infant first aid or CPR course, encourage your childcare provider to join!

Month 6 (24 to 27 weeks)

• Interview and select Pediatrician

• Choose an alternative guardian for your baby/prepare and execute a will

• Tour Labor and delivery facilities (you can do this as well when you pick your obstetrician in Month 2, so that you can see the facilities they practice at before choosing them)

Month 7 (28 to 31 weeks)

• Arrange at home help for cleaning/helping when baby first comes home

• Pack a” hospital bag” (unless you are delivering at home)

• Purchase infant car seat, and learn to properly install it. Your local fire dept can help

• Stock up on diapers, wipes, and needed baby supplies, begin decorating nursery

Month 8 (32 to 35 weeks)

• Preregister at hospital or birthing center

• Schedule visits for baby’s arrival for out of town friends and relatives

• Wash baby clothes and blankets in recommended detergent

Month 9 (36 to 39 weeks)

• Finish nursery details

• Make a call list for family and friends, get plenty of rest while you can!

Month 10 (40 weeks)

• Welcome your new baby! Order/ mail birth announcements

• Schedule your baby’s first newborn visit with Pediatrician

• Obtain certified copy of your baby’s birth certificate/ social security card

• Add you baby to your health insurance policy (You’ll need a birth certificate)

For more information, call the 56th Medical Operations Squadron Family Advocacy Parent Support Program at 623-856-3417.

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