‘Rock rules’ imperative

The Rock* rests quietly on the north side of the 56th Fighter Wing Headquarters, Bldg. 452, and is ready for all challenges.

1. The 56th Fighter Wing Commander (Thunderbolt 1) is the owner of the Rock.

2. Thunderbolt 1 delegates care and painting of the Rock to any unit (group, squadron, flight, section, unit, or training class) with the following stipulations:

• It must be professional – Thunderbolt 1’s Rock has a proud heritage. DO NOT EMBARRASS THE ROCK OR THE THUNDERBOLTS.

• The Rock is to be painted in such a way as to clearly represent the group, squadron, flight, section, unit, or training class who has chosen to care for the Rock.

• Colors that stand out are highly encouraged, but camouflage painting is also acceptable.

• When the Rock is freshly cared for (recently painted), it must be allowed to cure for a minimum of two weeks as long as the current design is appropriate in nature.

• Training classes are not permitted to paint the Rock until each member of the class has passed the first significant milestone (i.e., a major course test; B-course students have soloed, etc.). Because of this restriction, when the Rock has been painted by a Training Class, the Rock will be allowed three weeks to cure.

3. If a unit repaints the Rock before the Rock has properly cured as stated above, the offending unit will be responsible for returning the Rock to the previous design (within 56 hours).

4. Delegations that paint the Rock are not to be caught by the 56th Security Forces Squadron patrol (SFS patrol sees the group painting the Rock).

• If caught, the SFS patrol will notify the 56th SFS commander or DO and then resume duties; the only question asked by the patrol will be what unit the delegation is representing. The group can complete the painting of the Rock after they have been caught by SFS.

• The commander of the unit caught painting the Rock will (within 56 business hours of being caught) report to all SFS shift changes (Guard Mount) during a day to thank SFS for their hard work and explain how SFS helps their unit. Contact SFS Ops at x7062/4172 to determine the day’s shift schedules.

*The Rock is defined as the two large rocks that are currently painted. Do not include the multiple smaller rocks in the area.

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