Changes made in security clearance, background checks


It is everyone’s responsibility to report potential derogatory information to the designated unit security manager when an incident occurs on or off Luke Air Force Base. Failure to report potential information could impact a person’s clearance, the mission and ultimately a person’s career.

Continuous Evaluation is a new requirement and process that has been implemented to ensure and to help minimize risk for security clearance, background and suitability checks on personnel. This new policy helps bridge a potential seam that occurred from when the initial background check and the periodic reinvestigation was conducted. Continuous Evaluation is a vetting process to review the background of an individual who has been determined to be eligible for access to classified information or to hold a sensitive position at any time during the period of eligibility. CE leverages a set of automated record checks and business rules to assist in the ongoing assessment of an individual’s continued eligibility. This process is now in conjunction with existing initial/periodic reinvestigation time requirements.

There are certain timeline/suspense’s that must be adhered to when personnel have been identified for a CE or other related requests. The Unit Security Manager and 56th FW Information Protection will provide required reporting instructions.

The below listing are some of the deciding guidelines used for determining eligibility for access to classified information. If any of the below factors affect you, reporting is required.

• Allegiance to the United States

• Foreign influence/preference

• Sexual behavior

• Personnel conduct

• Financial considerations

• Alcohol consumption/drug involvement

• Emotional, metal and personality disorders

• Criminal conduct

• Security violations

• Outside activities

• Misuse of information technology systems

For more information on the CE process, call FWIP at 623-856-3734.