Thunderbolt of the week: September and October


Sept. 13
Airman 1st Class Dorothy Zurlinden
56th Equipment Maintenance Squadron
Armament technician
Zurlinden has the characteristics of a true leader with her dedication constantly displayed on- and off-duty through her commitment to her fellow Airmen and unit.

Sept. 30
Staff Sgt. Caitlin Carter
56th Fighter Wing Legal Office
NCO in charge
Carter has been leading the team through an above average operations tempo, all the while also carrying out upgrade training for the only three-level paralegal at the legal office. She truly represents the best of what we expect from young NCOs in the 56th FW.

Oct. 4
Melissa Arnold
56th Force Support Squadron
Club Five Six manager
Melissa has been serving for 18 years and strives daily to learn something new. She offers kind words and encouragement to those she encounters and creates relevant programs and events to offer the Luke community