CCAF confers degrees to Luke members

The following individuals received degrees in the programs listed from the Community College of the Air Force:

Detachment 12, 372nd Training Squadron

Instructor of Technology and Military Science

Staff Sgts. James Hayes, Jonathan Mahlan and Jon Menghini; Tech. Sgts. Daniel Bartolucci, Trevor Bell, Edward Cunningham, Paiz Noel and Jacob Spanaus; and Master Sgt. Arthur Ofalia

Aviation Maintenance Technology

Staff Sgt. Mitchell Ensminger and Tech. Sgt. Daniel Hayner

56th Civil Engineer Squadron


Staff Sgt. Brenai Shires

Explosive Ordnance Disposal

Staff Sgt. Raymond Johnson

Fire Science

Senior Airman Andrew Garcia

Construction Technology

Staff Sgt. Kyle Mitchell

Mechanical and Electrical Technology

Staff Sgts. Troy Blessing, Ryan Darling and Benjamin Ogletree

Emergency Management

Tech. Sgt. Jared Purvis

56th Communications

Information Systems Technology

Staff Sgt. Michael Smith

Education and Training Management

Staff Sgt. Richard Woods

Criminal Justice

Staff Sgt. Richard Woods

56th Force Support Squadron

Human Resource Management

Senior Airman Jermaine Smith

56th Fighter Wing

Emergency Management

Tech. Sgt. Derek Grant

Aviation Operations

Tech. Sgt. Derek Grant

56th Logistics Readiness Squadron


Senior Airmen Dennis Ruiz and Enrique Marquez; Staff Sgt. Marlana Gonzales; and Tech. Sgts. Torane Barnett and Latoya Marshall

56th Medical Group

Allied Health Sciences

Senior Airman Gisele Adanlete-Engram

Surgical Services Technology

Tech. Sgt. Alexander Balok

Health Care Management

Staff Sgt. David Campbell

Cardiopulmonary Laboratory Technology

Senior Airman Ashley Cooper


Senior Airman Nicole Davis

Diagnostic Imaging Technology

Senior Airman Drew Hunter and Staff Sgt. Sharice Lewis

Practical Nursing Technology

Staff Sgt. Sean Popoff

Public Health Technology

Staff Sgt. Dylan Scofield

Bioenvironmental Engineering Technology

Senior Airman Andrew Sustar

56th Maintenance Group

Avionic Systems Technology

Senior Airman Manuel Garcia, Staff Sgts. Adam Barnett and Maurice Simmons; Tech. Sgts. Michael Dressler and Daniel Mears

Aviation Maintenance Technology

Staff Sgts. Michael Alstrin, Jessica Booth, Phillip Brake, Jesus Caballero, Michael Couture, Brandon Daniel, Justin Manen, Rodger Plant, Mark Stadlberger, Matthew Welter and Shawn Worob; Tech. Sgt. Robert Knickle; Master Sgts. Travis Lechleiter, Adam Smith and Jimmy Simpson

Aircraft Armament Systems Technology

Senior Airmen Tachara Thomas and Carson Yarborough; Staff Sgts. Elijah Duffy and Thomas Johnson; Tech. Sgt. Christopher Crank

Criminal Justice

Staff Sgt. Michael Green


Staff Sgt. Trevor Williams Microprecision Technology

Senior Airman Robert Huber

Business Administration

Senior Airman Stephon Price

Human Resource Management

Tech. Sgt. Ryan Rolfe

Practical Nursing Technology

Senior Airman Katelyn Watson

Munitions Systems Technology

Senior Airman Liza McDonald, Staff Sgt. Michael Henderson, Tech. Sgts. Allison Douglas and Eric Tarbox

Aerospace Ground Equipment Technology

Staff Sgt. Michael Brideau and Tech. Sgt. Timothy Turner

Aircraft Structural Maintenance Technology

Senior Airmen Nicholas Noker and B
renton Snyder and Tech. Sgt. Jackie Childs

Education and Training Management

Staff Sgts. Kenneth Bays and Maurice Jones and Tech. Sgt. Wesley Beversdorf

Air Traffic Operations and Management

Senior Airman Justin Colella

607th Air control Squadron

Aviation Maintenance Technology

Staff Sgt. Kai Moua

Air and Space Operations Technology

Airman 1st Class Lance Fried, Staff Sgts. Brittany Barron, Steven Menard, Alexander Ramon and Ignacio Solis Jr.; Tech. Sgts. Andrew Hardie and Robert Young

Instructor of Technology and Military Science

Tech. Sgts. Shawn Finnegan, Joseph Ravin and Robert Young; Master Sgts. David Beasley and Jason Nila

Electronic Systems Technology

Staff Sgt. Alyssa Boone

Information Systems Technology

Senior Airman Michael Flanagan, Staff Sgt. Joseph Mayer and Tech. Sgt. Brandon Walker

56th Operations Support Squadron

Air Traffic Operations and Management

Senior Airman Natalie Lamia and Staff Sgt. Michelle Justiniani

Aircrew Safety Systems Technology

Staff Sgt. Bryce Gardner

56th Security Forces  Squadron

Criminal Justice

Staff Sgts. Sean McFadden and Courtney Bird, Tech. Sgt. Randy Maxwell

Air Force ROTC

Business Administration

Staff Sgt. Justin Gooch

Oregon Air National Guard

Avionic Systems Technology

Staff Sgt. Cody Burkett

Aviation Maintenance Technology

Staff Sgt. Michael Yadron

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