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Life and the sacred

The word sacred is not used much in our American culture. The case could be made that we’ve lost this concept, yet not completely.

We understand certain places and things are sacred. Consider Arlington, the tombs of your ancestors or your house of worship. These are considered sacred and are afforded respect.

These places are considered sacred because they somehow embody transcendence to us. They represent that which we cannot comprehend, which is holy or divine. We can construct houses of worship and set aside land to construct beautiful cemeteries, and they will be endued with a sense of sacredness.

But something which we cannot produce is time. Time is sacred because it’s divinely granted. The sacredness of time is recognized in the Biblical creation story where we find God resting on the seventh day. To take a day to rest is to acknowledge that time is a gift from the Almighty.

I invite you to use each day to serve well your country, family, and Lord. Savor and be grateful for each moment while living in the awareness of your own mortality.

Thanks for your service and sacrifice.

Courtesy of Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Larry Fowler 56th Fighter Wing Chapel

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