Chaplain’s thoughts …


I am constantly amazed at how often faith intersects with other disciplines.

Leadership is something I am very passionate about. The first leadership book I ever read talked about laws of leadership. The law that stuck out most to me was the idea of being in process; always seeking growth and moving forward, never being content in a stagnant state.

As I grow as a leader, both in knowledge and experience, I realize how much I don’t know and how challenging it can be to lead people at any level. I find myself going through seasons of life where I have lots of motivation to learn new things and grow, and seasons where the schedule picks up and motivation to seek growth fades.

When I think about the life of faith, the law of process is a crucial perspective or lens through which to evaluate the depth and strength of your faith. Are you growing in your faith? If a major challenge were to come your way, is your faith strong enough to be a stable foundation that will keep your head above water so to speak? In my faith tradition, as I look at the model of life and faith, Jesus, we vividly see the idea of faith as a journey. Jesus consistently took time away from work and fellowship to spend time with God and be recharged. Jesus’ ministry consistently displays a thorough and living understanding of scripture in order to both teach and also to live the mission as prescribed in the Bible.

If you find yourself actively engaged in the life and community of faith, I hope the perception never becomes that you have “arrived,” because faith truly is a journey.

If you find yourself wondering what faith is all about or maybe you have strayed from a once vibrant faith, take heart. God’s invitation to walk in faith, to be connected to something bigger than yourself is always there. It takes commitment and determination to employ the law of process, but I promise you, whether you are trying to grow as a leader or a person of faith, the effort and time spent will be well worth it. May God bless you as you walk the journey!

Courtesy of Chaplain (Capt.) Derek VanderMolen, 56th Fighter Wing Chapel