Chaplain’s thoughts …


Solomon was one of Israel’s great kings in the Bible. He was renowned for his God-given wisdom and making Israel a prosperous nation. In spite of this, Solomon did not experience an effortless life.

While composing Ecclesiastes, he reflected on his life. Just like everyone, he had a lifetime assortment of experiences. He experienced joy, misery, laughter, sadness, strength and pain.

After living through delightful and miserable events, he determined that life itself is vain. Although he had the gift of wisdom, he wondered, what was the point. He decided there was a point, an ultimate purpose.

For Solomon, he concluded the duty of man is to be in awe of God and keep His commandments, regardless of life changes. He discovered a purpose that transcended his own ambitions. This enabled him to press on. His confidence in this conclusion caused him to pass this wisdom on to his son and others, so that they too could live a purpose-driven life.

Take time to reflect on life. The moment of reflection may cause one to see how wonderful life is or recall events that bring regret. Regardless of what the reflection reveals, one must remember what drives him or her to press on, an ultimate purpose. It may be living for others like a friend, spouse or a child. It may be accomplishing goals that make you and others better. It may be living out personal beliefs. For me, my personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ drives me to serve my family, friends, community and country.

I pray we all find what drives us to live life, to love those dear to us, serve our Thunderbolt community, our Air Force and our blessed country.

Courtesy of Chaplain (Capt.) Daniel Llorente, 56th FW Chapel