CDC preschool class acts out kindness

Photos by Staff Sgt.

The students were able to gather78 gallon bags of toiletries, snacks and other items to be handed out to homeless veterans around Phoenix.

The Falcon preschool class poses for a photo with items collected during their “Simple Act of Kindness” drive to provide personal items to local veterans. FROM LEFT TOP ROW: April Castronova and Genet Harris, Falcon classroom teachers. SECOND ROW: Nathan, Miles, Natalyn, Haeli, Kaylynn, Alex. THRID ROW: Paige, Lucas, Ryan, Lyza and Anthony.

The students, ages 3 to 5, were each given a chance to collect various items they thought someone less fortunate would need this holiday season. The donations will be handed out to homeless veterans in Phoenix by class teachers.

Genet Harris and April Castronova, Falcon preschool classroom teachers, carry boxes of donated items. The teachers encouraged students to think about ways they could help give to those in need