Thunderbolt Digital Edition – September 2020

Luke AFB Thunderbolt – Digital and Print Publication for Luke AFB, serving the West Valley region of Phoenix, AZ. An Publication. – September 2020

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Thunderbolt Digital Edition - September 2020
Hello, everyone and thanks for checking out the September 2020 issue of Luke AFB Thunderbolt! A total of 38 Fighter Country pilots participated in the recent Gunfighter Flag Large Force Exercise, headquartered out of Mountain Home AFB, Idaho. As with so many things these days, the whole exercise forced the participating squadrons to adapt, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Luke AFB pilots minimized contact, refueling before and after the mission to prevent landing at Mountain Home AFB, and engaged in a host of other modifications to ensure the training was conducted safely and effectively. Adapt and overcome – that’s what we do. Click through on the link below to read this and much more news in the latest digital edition of Luke AFB Thunderbolt, viewable on your computer or mobile device.
Here are some more highlights from our September issue:
  • Facing unconscious racial bias head on: page 2
  • Luke Education Center leads Airmen to success: page 3
  • Enlisted promotions for August: page 4
  • Photo feature – Singapore and Luke, training partners since 1992: pages 6 & 7
  • Eternal loyalty – Admiral Chester Nimitz legacy at Golden Gate National Cemetery: page 10
  • “At Ease” Luke Events supplement is back!: pages 17 – 20
All this and much more, in this month’s edition of Luke AFB Thunderbolt! Hard copies of the paper will be available at various distribution points on base and in surrounding areas starting September 4th. “Like” our Facebook page for daily news updates – we now regularly cross-post news and features from the military bases we serve throughout the desert Southwest, as an extension of our military and defense community. As always, THANK YOU for your support – it’s our privilege to serve you! Be safe and be well.   #aerotechnews #lukeafbnews


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