Chaplain’s thoughts … Super Bowl Blues

Every year about mid-February, there is often a discernible shift in emotion and exuberance in a number of our American and international sports fans. The reasons why? Post-Super Bowl Blues. For many fans of the National Football League, who had tuned in weekly to watch their favorite teams duel it out on the gridiron, following the conclusion of the six-month football season there is a time of “reintegration” back into the normalcy of everyday life. Whether your chosen team was crowned Super Bowl Champions at the finale and you’re basking in the glory of victory with bragging rights, or especially if your team’s season was a disappointment, this time of the year begins a “re-adjustment” process to normal life and a “restoration of balance.”

Just to put myself out there, I am a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan. Yes, I know all too well that my team was eliminated in the first round of the playoffs. And yes, I’ve heard all of the jokes about my team enduring a 26-year championship drought that we have experienced. But I’ll still argue that we are “America’s Team!”

Yet, in all seriousness, many sports fans (both collegiate and professional) are flooded with the realization of the amount of attention and emotion, time, and effort spent supporting their teams during the year. At the end of the season people find themselves exhausted and feeling disoriented with the amount of time that they now have on their hands, and wonder what to do with it going forward. Unfortunately, some people find themselves sad and alone, isolated and depressed, post-season. But it doesn’t have to be that way for you! With the right amount of creativity and effort, this truly can be a time to re-adjust one’s self in a positive direction.
According to the USAF’s Comprehensive Airman Fitness model — Physical, Mental, Spiritual, and Social – great opportunities DO exist to help one regain “balance” to their lives. Myself, along with our entire Luke Chapel team, want to encourage any sports fan out there to take advantage of renewed time with family and friends, new adventures and travel, education and introspection, crafts and hobbies, spiritual renewal, and personal development, in order to once again take back the reins of your life.

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