Luke to honor Holocaust Day of Remembrance

Luke Air Force Base, Ariz., is hosting a Day of Remembrance event, 8-9 a.m., April 28, 2002, in the 56th Fighter Wing Chapel.

The guest speaker is Ms. Chris Cropps.

Growing up in Nazi Germany, Cropps saw neighbors and friends disappear without explanation and can only speculate that they were sent to camps though she hoped some had fled and escaped the country.

The German people were divided and many of them did not support the Nazi party, her family included. Her brother was drafted into the German army, and died in France fighting for something he did not believe in.

Cropps was still living in Frankfurt, Germany, when the allies secured it and remembers seeing the destruction of bombs being dropped as the people fled the city.

Currently, she volunteers at the 56th FW Chapel. Come hear her story, commemorate the day and pay tribute to the victims of the Holocaust.

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