2022 National Police Week

In honor of National Police Week, the 56th Security Forces Squadron hosted a Defender’s Challenge where participants had to work together as a team to complete various obstacles. Members performed litter carries, a Humvee push, medicine ball toss and more.

Police week is a time for reflection and a time to “demonstrate our appreciation for the unsung heroes who nobly wear the badge and put their lives at risk to protect people each and every day,” wrote President Joe Biden in a proclamation released May 13, 2022. “Let us honor the brave officers whose bright futures were cut short in the line of duty. Let us come together to help police be the partners and protectors our communities and our Nation need for a safer, more just America.”

Peace Officers Memorial Day falls on May 15 of each year, and Police Week is designated for the week in which it falls. This year’s Police Week was held May 15-21, 2022, with departments across the country coming together to hold various memorials, tributes and camaraderie motivated events.

Defenders with the 56th Security Forces Squadron complete the run portion of the Defender’s Challenge in honor of National Police Week May 15-21, at Luke Air Force Base, Arizona.
Members of the 56th Security Forces Squadron work together to push a Humvee in their Police Week Defender’s Challenge, Luke Air Force Base, Arizona.

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