Procedures set for reporting, reclaiming stray animals


Since we began full operations in October 2017, the Animal Control Facility has captured 288 stray pets. Of those, 238 were reclaimed by their owners, 41 were adopted after being unclaimed, and another eight long-term residents were transferred to a local humane society for a better chance at adoption. Below are some things to consider when you encounter a stray, or need to reclaim your pet. On the chance you may need assistance with a non-domestic animal (coyote, snake, etc.), we have provided that particular department’s contact information, as well.

If you encounter a wary, domestic stray dog or cat you should not attempt to catch the animal. Consider the safety of the animal. A strange, frightened, and possibly sick or injured animal may behave unpredictably. A sudden move on your part, even the opening of your car door, may spook the animal, causing them to bolt possibly right into oncoming traffic. If the animal looks or acts threatening, or if for any reason you feel uneasy about the situation, remain in your car or at a safe distance and call the Fort Irwin Stray Animal Control Facility or the MPs (see numbers below). If possible, stay on the scene to keep an eye on the animal until Fort Irwin Animal Control personnel or an MP arrives.

The Fort Irwin Animal Control Facility is open daily from 5 a.m.-9 p.m., for stray animal capture response.  The Military Police Desk should be called if it is after hours or in the case of an aggressive stray. Provide the responder with as much information as possible on the location of the stray. For example, “One mile west past the 11th ACR stables” or, “Between Langford Lake Road and Chinook Lane.”

Upon capture, the dog/cat will be transported to the Fort Irwin Stray Animal Control Facility. If the stray is microchipped and the contact information is current, staff will call the owner. In order to reclaim their pet, the owner must verify ownership and complete release paperwork, which includes an MP warning citation and a memorandum requiring the owner to provide proof of vaccination/registration to the Veterinary Treatment Facility; or, if not current on their vaccinations and not registered with the Veterinary Treatment Facility, agreeing to get their pet vaccinated and registered with the Veterinary Treatment Facility. For strays that have no microchip or identifying ID tags, the owner has up to 15 days to claim their animal. The Fort Irwin Stray Animal Facility will post a picture of the stray on its Facebook page in an attempt to locate the owner.  After the holding period, strays are put up for adoption. The Stray Animal Control Facility posts animals on their Facebook page (search ‘Fort Irwin Animal Control Facility’ on Facebook) that are caught/reclaimed as well as those up for adoption. Many people have recognized their neighbor’s or friend’s pet on the webpage and notified them before they even knew their pet was missing!

As a reminder, all personnel residing on post who own pets are required to register them with the Veterinary Treatment Facility within 10 days of arrival (USAG Fort Irwin Policy #5, Control of and Care for Privately Owned Animals on Fort Irwin). Housing also requires their own pet registration.

The Animal Control Facility is staffed and equipped only to respond to domestic stray animals. If you encounter and need assistance with wildlife (e.g., coyote, snake, tortoise, etc.) please contact DPW Environmental Wildlife staff at the number below.

For more information contact:

Fort Irwin Stray Animal Control Facility – Domestic animals only at 760-380-8564 or 760-447-3266.Veterinary Treatment Facility (760-380-3025).

Military Police Desk at 760-380-4444.DPW Environmental – Wildlife only, call 760-380-2681 or 760-380-5044.